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Why Sponsorship Matters

Here at Bentley Elementary PTA, we believe that a collaborative and supportive community is essential for fostering an environment where students can excel and teachers can thrive. Bentley Elementary PTA welcomes local community businesses, organizations, and families to support our school with Sponsorship Opportunities. By becoming a Community Sponsor of Bentley Elementary PTA, your investment will make a difference in the education of the 650+ students that attend Bentley Elementary. 

Our PTA plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision by funding and organizing a wide range of programs and activities that enhance the educational experience for every student. Bentley Elementary’s PTA is dedicated to enriching classrooms, supporting teachers, promoting student development, and building community. Your generous sponsorship will directly impact our ability to continue these efforts. Whether it’s funding field trips that provide hands-on learning experiences, supporting student development programs, or organizing memorable school events, your contribution will make a significant difference. We invite you to join us in making Bentley Elementary School a place where every student can blaze a trail to success. Together, we can create an exceptional learning environment that benefits not only our students but the entire community. 

We look forward to partnering with you to support our mission and vision and hope  you will consider becoming a sponsor of Bentley Elementary PTA! All donations are tax deductible.

Please reach out to our VP of Fundraising here: fundraising@bentleypta.com

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